Y'vonne Page-Magnus originally from Philadelphia and a member of the board of directors for 'Main Line Art Center.' Y'vonne's passion for the Arts has acquired her an Associates Degree in Fashion Design Technology in Philadelphia. After studying French and taking several art classes at 'Community College of Philadelphia,' Y'vonne had a strong desire to live in Europe. While there she completed a B.A. in Fine Arts at 'AIU' London, England. After graduating Y'vonne returned to the U.S. and moved to Manhattan in New York City. Obsessed with high fashion, Y'vonne began working for 'Barney's New York,' 'Tiffany's & Co,' 'Heri Bendels' and, 'Hermes,' This is where she soon developed a passion for beautiful jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones. 

After learning so much about the jewelry business, Y'vonne re-joined partner Max to accept a position with 'Tiffany's & Co' in London, England. Just one year later Y'vonne and Max launched 'Von & Magnus,' Limited Corporation jewelry Company in the U.K. True believers in their faith they were soon promoted to leaders at 'Elshadai International Christian Center-London.' Y'vonne and Max quickly learned how to operate in the favor of God. Shortly after, the ambitious duo captured the attention of the late 'Jill Strieder.' A fashion Icon and, Director of 'Fenwick's' of Bond Street. 'Von & Magnus' was signed on almost immediately with a very generous Contract. The concession was strategically located on the first floor next to 'Gerrard Darrell. Y'vonne began dressing 'Ladies of London' in 'Made to Measure' jewelry out of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. "Fenwick's will always be the birth place of ‘Design Your Own Jewelry’ formally known as ‘Von & Magnus' no matter where we go," says Y'vonne. While there she was able to create a Client base and a strong following of the brand. When introduced ‘RESTRING/ RENEW/ REPURPOSE', receiving a write-up in the 'London Times' the little quintessential Company took-off. Celebrities began using the services, such as 'Nina Garcia' from 'Project Runway' and, the editor of 'British Vogue.' Whilst making several buying trips to Paris and sourcing the most gorgeous of stones in 'Rue De Temple.' They began travelling the globe for inspiration in Palma, Italy, Brussels, Amsterdam, Canada, Bermuda, New York and, the South of Spain.  'Von & Magnus' was soon picked up again, this time by 'Mohammed Al Fayed' longtime owner of 'Harrods' department store in 'Knightsbridge,' London,  England. You could find Von & Magnus conveniently located in the designer jewelry department on the ground floor. Sleep deprived, long retail hours and, just six employees Y'vonne and Max was able to manage both concessions successfully! 

After a long prosperous stretch in both locations, Y'vonne relocated to Philadelphia for heavy family commitments. Inevitably staying after the birth of their beautiful son Maximillien A.K.A. Carlos M. 'Von & Magnus’ now ‘Design Your Own Jewelry  W O R K S H O P' relaunched on October 1, 2016, at the 'Market at the Fareway' in 'Chestnut Hill.’ 

Y'vonne is currently working full-time building her brand by providing upscale workshops in the most beautiful places. This amazing niche Company is packed with excitement and, opportunity! You can now find Y'vonne teaching appealing 'W O R K S H O P S' Virtually for various Boutiques, Libraries, Universities, Arboretums, Vineyards, Art Galleries, Art Centers and, anywhere beautiful in the U.S. To track when Y'vonne will be teaching next Click on “W O R K S H O P S " or, follow her on Social Media!  

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