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Design-Your-Own-Jewelry is proud to showcase beautiful handcrafted jewelry made out of Bermudian sea glass, semi-precious stones and, freshwater pearls. Offering Classes, Workshops, Private Lessons and, Pop-Ups for your Special Event or, Space!

'Design-Your-Own-Jewelry '

hmm...Where will we Pop-Up next!

Tell your brand's story through video and images

Afternoon Tea is Always Served!

Restringing & Repair Service Available!

Jewelry classes for beginners is a must!

Tell your brand's story through video and images

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The Archives....

Fenwick's and Harrods....

In The Begining....

Design-Your-Own-Jewelry was originated in London, England by 'Von & Magnus' and home to two of London's most upscale department stores 'Fenwick's of Bond Street' and, 'Harrods.' Offering a very popular design your own jewelry and restringing service creating a loyal following! Moving with the ever changing times Design-Your-Own-Jewelry is now a moving jewelry store doing Pop-Ups in various locations throughout the Philadelphia area. Sometimes glamping in one location for a while such as 'The Fareway' located in 'Chestnut Hill' for nearly four months. 'Y'vonne Page-Magnus now designs a collection every season for the brand which she did not do during the early days however, now allowing clients to purchase online or in boutiques.

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