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"Boutique vanilla cupcakes and 'Numi' teas will be back soon!"

Due to COVID 19 we will no longer serve cupcakes and tea at this time.

'Design Your Own Jewelry' WORKSHOP a must!


Design Your Own Jewelry K I D S !



Design Your Own Jewelry P O P - U P

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Fenwick's and Harrods....

In The Begining....

Design-Your-Own-Jewelry was founded and originated in London, England by 'Y'vonne and Max' known as ‘Von & Magnus’ a Limited Corporation residing in two of London's most upscale department stores, 'Fenwick's of Bond Street' and, world renowned 'Harrods.' Offering a very popular design your own jewelry and restringing service creating a loyal following with 'Ladies of London! Moving with the ever changing times Design-Your-Own-Jewelry is now a moving 'W O R K S H O P offering a selection of appealing jewelry making workshops for adults and kids throughout the Pennsylvania, Delaware and, New Jersey regions in beautiful settings. These workshops can be found in places such as Art Centers, Universities, Arboretums, Retail Botanical Gardens, by the sea near the Jersey Shore, Vineyards, Art Galleries and, Châteaus. Design Your Own Jewelry also does P O P - U P S for select Farmers Markets, Festivals and, Events that promote the Arts, Organic Lifestyle, Protecting the Environment, Good Health and more. Sometimes glamping in one location such as, ’T H E  M A R K E T at the F A R E W A Y' located in 'Chestnut Hill.' Y'vonne Page-Magnus now designs a handcrafted jewelry Collection every Spring/Summer and, Autumn/Winter allowing Clients to purchase Online, at P O P - U P S, Art Centers and, Select Boutiques.