"My stretchy bracelet lost it’s elasticity!"

Stretchy bracelets are so fun! I wear about eight on my wrist at one time. The problem with stretchy bracelets is just that, they stretch.....a lot especially if you wear them everyday as part of your armor, due to perfumes, creams and age. First you need to invest in a nice beading tray it just makes any jewelry project much more organized. Any local beading supply store will have elastic at affordable prices and it last for a good while. It’s a must-have in your jewelry kit even if you don’t need it. Make sure you buy the right size and I would  suggest .8mm which will most likely fit any average size bead with the exception of fresh water pearls. However, they do make elastic thin enough to thread pearls. Once your ready to restring your stretchy bracelet, cut at least a 12inch piece of elastic, string on your beads and tie a single knot. The trick to getting the knot to stay and not unravel is to give tension by pulling several times close to the knot with your fingertips. Repeat again with another knot pulling several times close to the knot creating tension. Pull firm but gently as to not break the elastic. This takes trial and error however, with practice you will master it! I recommend restring favorite stretchy bracelets once per year rearranging the beads giving it a fresh look. 

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