“My Pearl Necklace broke!"

So your pearl necklace has broken and you don’t know what to do with it. First, lets see how bad it is. Check to locate where it is broken making sure to put away any loose pearls that may have fallen off. If your pearl necklace is knotted or, threaded you will need to locate someone that specializes in pearl knotting and restringing. Before dashing off to the nearest jeweler I would recommend your local bead shop first. If it’s a good bead shop they normally offer this type of service for there Clients. If you don’t have a local bead shop in your area (as they are becoming obsolete) you can try one of the quaint local jewelry shops on Main Street. Still no luck, ‘Art Centers’ are filled with talented jewelry makers who would probably not mind at all to repair your pearl necklace. Great tip, if you wear your Pearl necklace/bracelet often, it’s best to have it restrung at least once per year.

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