Design Your Own Jewelry W O R K S H O P

“Creativity In Isolation”

During this difficult time most people may notice that they’ve become very creative! I certainly have, and now I want to help you get those creative juices flowing with a jewelry project!  


"Five Minute Rings!"


craft wire 22 or, 26 guage 


round nose

jewelry tray  (optional)


a. Cut a 3 inch piece of craft wire.

b. Put the finger that you want the ring to be made for in the center of  the wire.

c. Bring both craft wire pieces up.   

d. Take your round nose and curl both ends of the craft wire 3-4 times.

e. Put your finger back in the center and wrap the wire around the finger, (see picture.)  

f. Press down on the craft wire in the front were the curls are to ensure that the ring will stay on.


Squeeze the wire tightly around the finger so that the ring will stay on.

I hope this was helpful, any questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or, contact me at




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