I'm so excited to finally work independently as a 'Teaching Artist’ therefore, I have put together an AWESOME program for kids. This summer I'm offering a unique curriculum with exciting classes such as, 'Geranium Pendant Necklaces,' 'Instaglam Earrings,' 'Boho Chic Necklaces' and much much more. 

I'm very pleased 'Design-Your-Own-Jewelry Kids!' will be working exclusively with 'Abington Art Center.' I will be developing and implementing five-weeks of afternoon art projects for there ’Summer Art Camp’ program for children ages 7-12 (sketching, painting, crafting and various other medias).

In addition, Design-Your-Own-Jewelry Kids! was invited to 'Camp Mountain House' in Lehigh, Valley by the 'Girl Scouts' for a one day workshop in August! I'm so looking forward to making jewelry with these young ladies, POWER OF THE GIRL!! And a very special thanks to Kristin Leilby (Director of Community Programs) for the invitation.

Finally, Design-Your-Own-Jewelry Kids! will also be at 'University City Arts League' for one week and for a workshop at 'Awbury Arboretum' for creative Awesomeness!

Stay tuned for more blogs, pictures, and, updates on my Instinctive Jewelry Workshops, Pop-Ups and, Travels!


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